Free Motion Quilting: Get Inspired by Julie

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Free motion quilting is done on a sewing machine with the feed dogs down, so the quilt can be moved in any direction while stitching. This gives the quilter the freedom to create beautiful curved designs adding texture and personality to their quilt top.

Meander Quilting (Stippling) is a basic form of free motion quilting. It is one of the basic building blocks of free motion quilting. This design creates interlocking puzzle pieces for an all over texture when stitched large or as a background filler when stitched small.

In this class the student will learn how to manipulate their fabric under the needle and all about different thread, needles and batting combinations. Students will also learn how to set the thread tension on their machines and correct body positioning for successful stitching.

Stephanie Szymczak took my beginning quilting class.  She was thrilled to come into Snip and Stitch and reveal her amazing quilt! We are so proud of you Stephanie.  What a beautiful quilt!

IMG_6293 “Lots of hands on practice in Julie’s class, gave me enough confidence to do it.” (Stephanie Szymczak)

Additional classes provide the inspiration and knowledge to take free motion quilting in many directions from classic Feather Quilting, to artistic Botanical Quilting, amazing Architectural Quilting, playful Modern Quilting and beyond.  Check out the classes I will be teaching in the Spring Class schedule (link in left sidebar) and a few are featured below.

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Meander Quilting for Beginners $46 + supplies

Students will learn the basics of ‘free motion quilting” while learning how to “Meander (Stipple) Quilt” a pretty oval table runner. Batting, thread, needle choices and machine settings will be discussed along with correct body and hand positioning for successful stitching.
Wed. May 1 & 15, 1:30-4:30

Free Form Free Motion Feathers $46 + supplies

photo[2]For the confident Free Motion Quilter students will expand their knowledge of free motion quilting into the wonderful realm of Free Form Feathers. You will discover the beauty and individual personality of quilting feathers without marking. Excellent class to take in conjunction with “Botanical Free Motion Quilting”.

Wed. June 12 & 26, 1:30-4:30

Feathers II: Architectural Influences $46 + supplies
For those who are comfortable stitching Feathers and are ready for some new and exciting variations. These designs are based on the beautiful wood and stone carvings found in and on old buildings and furniture. Use these eye catching designs as a focal point, border or even as an all-over quilting design.
Wed. May 29 & June 5, 1:30-4:30

Your Very 1st Quilt “5 & Dime” $69 + supplies
For all new quilters, want to be quilters, new Mums, Grandmas and new sewers. This class will explore fabric selection, easy cutting and construction of a small quilt. Layering, Straight Line Quilting and Binding will be demonstrated. Some homework will be required if students would like to complete the project at class.
Thurs. June 6, 13, & 27, 6-9






Cathy McClean is coming to Snip and Stitch!


Join Cathy McClean at Snip and Stitch for two days of sewing fun! Cathy has been a sewing enthusiast for 40 years and a sewing educator for the past 25 years.

As the owner of a successful sewing machine store in Edmonton, Cathy is constantly delivering classes that impress her students. Her enthusiasm for teaching has allowed her many guest appearances as an instructor at sewing conventions, sewing shows and even on television. Cathy’s enthusiasm and fun filled classes demonstrate her love of sewing. She is qualified as a certified sulky educator and is an all-around Notions Specialist. Discover her enthusiasm and passion for sewing by taking one of her sewing classes at Snip and Stitch May 6-7! To register, please visit the store in person or call 250-756-2176 or toll free at 1-800-789-1730. These classes will fill up fast so register soon!

Taking the Mystery out of Stabilizing
$15 fee for the class which includes Sulky Stabilizer Kit at No Charge!

Sulky demystifies stabilizers and makes your choices much easier! Are you a quilter, a fiber artist, a home sewer, a home embroiderer or all of the above? Get the feel of our stabilizers from the softest to the firmest. Sulky has Four Basic Groups; Cut-Away, Tear-Away, Wash-Away and Heat-Away. Learn tips and tricks for applique and free motion and even ideas for home décor and hoop embroidery! Go home with a useable sample of every stabilizer Sulky has to offer.
Mon. May 6, 6-9


Click on the photo to learn more about the Sulky stabilizer kit

Pin Scrub Landscape
$69 + supplies

pin scrub
This beautiful Southwestern landscape features: thread painting using Sulky Blendables, Sulky Rayon, and Sulky Metallic Threads. By working with many different stabilizers, threads and techniques, your finished project will have a 3D appearance. Yes, this beautiful project is done on a basic sewing machine!
Mon. May 6, 1:30-4:30 &  Tues. May 7, 9:30-4:30

Twin Needle Clutch Purse
$25 + supplies


Get the best out of your basic sewing machine! Working with twin needles and the built in decorative stitches, you will create your own unique fabric. The possibilities are endless! Use this fabric and decorative zippers to construct a fully lined clutch bag. You can even add a little flair to your bag. At the end of class, Cathy will do a demo that will highlight different ideas to create embellishments that can be used on your bag, a dress, in your hair and even on your shoes. No embroidery machines required. Three hours of creative fun!
Tues. May 7, 6-9


Welcome to Snip and Stitch’s blog!

Do you love to sew and are looking for inspiration for your next project or are you new to sewing and need help getting started?  Whichever statement describes your sewing experience (or lack of), you have come to the right place!

Snip and Stitch Sewing Centre in Nanaimo, B.C. is excited to welcome you to our blog. My name is Kathy Schroter and I am the proud owner, along with my husband Perry, of Snip and Stitch.  I have been a passionate sewing enthusiast for 40 years.

Whether you are new to sewing or have been sewing for many years Snip and Stitch has classes, products and support to meet your needs.  The store is filled, wall to wall, with beautiful samples created by Kathy’s very talented staff and teachers. All the new trends and techniques are explored by the staff and brought to our consumers thru hands on classes and demo’s.

This blog will provide you with inspiration for your present and future projects.  Here you will find biographies on teachers, class and event updates, new products and deals, sewing/quilting ideas and much more.  I look forward to supporting and inspiring you on your future sewing adventures!

Happy sewing,

Kathy and Perry Schroter

The wonderful staff at Snip and Stitch!

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