Snip and Stitch Explores Modern Quilting

Modern quilting is quilting with a modern twist. It involves taking traditional methods of quilting and updating them in a new, innovative and fresh way.  New trends for Modern Quilting include simple patterns, modern fabrics and innovative methods. Geometric forms, colours and graphics all play an essential role in Modern quilting. Modern quilting invites all levels of quilters and allows quilters to express themselves through their own attitude and vision.

Snip and Stitch is now carrying Modern Quilting Publications. These magazines (or books) will inspire your next quilting project with their contemporary patterns, bright pictures and informative write-ups.

photo[3]            photo[8]

To compliment our Modern Quilting publications, Snip and Stitch also have a variety of Modern Quilting patterns.  Come in an check out The Jaybird, Candy Dish and Sew Kind of Wonderful pattern. These patterns will take your quilting to a new level!

photo[5]  photo     photo[4]

Snip and Stitch is also carrying a full palette of the Dimple Line (all 149 colours!) and a full range of Jacquards.  Come into Snip and Stitch and see what the Modern Quilting movement is all about!

STAY TUNED….Next week we will be having a contest on our blog with a fantastic Modern Quilting prize!




  1. Love the store, love how you guys have a blog now

  2. Thanks Joanne! Hope you enjoy reading our blog.

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