Threading Through Time: Janome Embroidery Machines with Donna

Janome Memory Craft 8000 circa 1990

Janome Memory Craft 8000 circa 1990

Computerized machine embroidery has come a long way since I first purchased a Janome Memory Craft 8000 in 1990!  The designs were very small (about 60 mm X 60 mm) and only had four colour changes but I was hooked within minutes as I watched my first design stitch out in the hoop.

Designs came on optional accessory cards that fit in a slot on the side of the machine.  It was so exciting when a new design card was released.  Just imagine the things you could do with these marvelous designs!

Right from the start I was trying to find ways to include these designs in my traditional quilts.

Janome Memory Craft 9000

Janome Memory Craft 9000

It was not long before Janome introduced the Memory Craft 9000 and this machine even boasted special features for quilters, including a design card of quilting designs!

During the life of the 9000, the first digitizing software for creating embroideries became available too.  Digitizer 2000 was revolutionary – professional embroidery design creation for the home machine embroiderer was now a reality!  Now I could turn my own drawings into embroidery designs!

The introduction of embroidery machines with 200 mm X 200 mm hoops in 2005 spurred my desire to use digitizing software to create my own machine embroidered appliqué designs for traditional appliqué quilt blocks.  Today’s multi-hooping capabilities allow me to create machine embroidered appliqué designs of any size.

Janome Memory Craft 12000

Janome Memory Craft 12000

Today’s modern computerized embroidery machines are available in a range of prices and capabilities.  There is one for everyone.  Hoop sizes have continued to grow in size and the software to design your own continues, to develop and improve.  With my current machines (both Janome and Husqvarna) I can now create those quilts I once only dreamed on doing on that little Memory Craft 8000.

At Snip and Stitch, I specialize in complete education for the machine embroiderer.  Classes of all sorts are offered:  new owner, beginners, confident users and advanced users, software use, and many projects with embroidery designs created just for class participants.  The classroom is open to all brands of embroidery machines that can receive designs from a computer.




  1. I love Janome machines! I have two: Memory Craft 6500P & Memory Craft 300E.

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