Colour Combinations to Make a Stunning Quilt

Colour is as strong as the impression it creates – Ivan Albright

Have you ever stood in front of a shelf of fabrics and felt confused, overwhelmed and discouraged? At Snip and Stitch we are here to help inspire your fabric selection and make it seamless. Choosing fabrics is an incredibly difficult and tasking process.  The choice of fabrics is essential in creating the inspiration and appearance that you are attempting to achieve.  This is the first of two blogs on choosing the best fabric for your quilt.  This blog will focus on choosing the right colours to create a bold and impressive quilt!

The Ives Colour Wheel
The Ives colour wheel is significantly different from a traditional colour wheel. This colour wheel will make choosing your fabric colours easy to help you create a modern and stunning quilt.  Joen Wolfrom features this wheel in The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool.  Joen Wolfrom explains that “most of us learned that the primary colors are yellow, red and blue. A color wheel using these three primary colors results in blends not nearly as beautiful or dynamic as the yellow-magenta-turquoise combination used in the Ives Color wheel. If you used the 24-step color wheel we grew up with, with red, yellow and blue for your complements, you’re two steps off. That doesn’t make an ugly quilt, but you could use the right color wheel and it would be stunning rather than okay.” The Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool is fantastic read and can be purchased at Snip and Stitch.


Complementary Colours
Using complementary colours create a dynamic quilt.  Complementary colours is a combination of two colours that sit across from each other in the colour wheel.  These colours create a bold and bright quilt.


Monochromatic Colours
Monochromatic colours create a more peaceful feel to the quilt. Choosing monochromatic colours is when you choose a single colour and mix in several different shades of that colour.


Analogous Colours
Analogous colours are neighbours on the colour wheel.  This colour scheme can create a warm feel to your quilt or an powerful feel, depending on which colours you decide to feature in your quilt.


Triadic Colours
Triadic colours will create a balanced colour scheme on your quilt.  Triadic colours use 3 colours that are evenly spaced apart on the colour wheel.  The differences in brightness and light/dark will make your quilt eye-catching.


Have fun with trying out different colours in your fabrics. Be brave and let inspiration take over and you may surprise yourself with the result.

Stay tuned for the next blog on choosing fabrics that will focus on prints.



  1. When choosing fabrics for any quilting project, including my quilted bags, I have had great success in color combinations (I have been told this by several people). I’m one of those lucky people that does not have any trouble with colors and color combination. I have read and known some people who do and I’m sure a blog like this and other articles are very helpful for those people.

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