Choosing the Right Sashing Fabric

Choosing sashing fabric can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming.  As hard as it is, choosing the right sashing fabric is essential to create a stunning, visually appealing quilt.  Decide on the look you are going for and the sashing techniques you plan on using. This will make the process of choosing fabrics a little easier.

Choosing fabrics of similar values will separate blocks for a blended look.  Fabrics that are high contrast will frame the blocks.

Low Contrast

Low Contrast

High Contrast

High Contrast

Stripes can be used parallel or perpendicular to the blocks.


Here is a great example of pieced sashing.


Two colours can be used if you add cornerstones in with the sashings.
image[1]   image[4]

When choosing a sashing fabric for a quilt, unroll a bit of the bolt of fabric you think might complete your vision.  Then place a few of the fabric squares you will be using on top of this fabric.   It’s not just this easy though! Sometimes you can be lucky and get the look you are going for with the first bolt of fabric, but that isn’t always the case.  Go through many bolts of fabric prior to choosing the fabric that will allow your sashing to bring out the important features in the quilt.

Happy Quilting,

Cathy M.



  1. I agree–choosing the right print and color will make a huge difference in how your quilt looks!

  2. Kathy Schroter says:

    This looks great…

    Cheers, Kathy Schroter “Snip & Stitch Sewing Centre Ltd”

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