Sewing Room Inspiration

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Have you ever walked into your sewing room and searched for something only to find items you forgot you had and to never find the item you actually needed? I think we all have done this and were left uninspired! Keeping a sewing room clean, organized and inspiring is a never-ending job. Whether you have a big space or a very tiny space organization, design and lighting are essential to create a place that you will want to escape to. Need a fresh, new look in your sewing room? Keep reading!

To begin, take a look at your lighting.  Great lighting is essential in your sewing room. Make sure that the light from your ceiling allows you to see at all times of the day the projects you are working on.  It can be handy to also have a side lamp in a space where you find yourself working more in the evening.

Now, let’s talk organization! Storage is key.  This will allow you to have a place for everything rather than just making piles.  Try shelving that you can put on your wall or even shelves that can sit on the floor.  Snip and Stitch sells Horn Cabinets that have drawers to store your sewing goods. If you have very limited space you can get baskets to hold all of your fabric and tools.  These can be found at a dollar store.  For even tighter spaces or to achieve a more modern look jars are great for storing smaller items.

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Have a little bit of fabric to store? Fold your fabric and store it on shelves which will give you a bit of a fabric store look.  For those with limited space or for a unique look, use a curtain rod to drape you fabric over or from the rings.  Make sure you are organizing you fabric in a way that makes sense to you.  You can choose to organize it by colour, project, prints etc.

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Let me guess…you need to store a few patterns too? Here re a few great ideas that will keep them organized and de-clutter your sewing room.  If you have a filing cabinet, file your patterns.  This will allow you to know where they are so it is easier when you need them and also take those difficult, never-go-back-into-the-envelope patterns out of sight!  However, if you do not have a filing cabinet buy a large 3 ring binder, dividers and clear page protectors.  Put your patterns in the page protectors and choose how you would like to organize them with the dividers.


These are just a few of the many ways to help you create an inspiring space where you can let your creativity run wild.  Make sure your space is inviting, functional and works for you.

How do you keep your sewing room organized?



  1. so organised!

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