Prize Winning Quilt: Diana McCorkall

Recently we received an excited email from Diana about her prize winning quilt.   She wrote in to thank Donna for all her work in teaching her the steps to make her quilt.
Diana only wanted to complete a small quilt before tackling a bigger project.  Upon deciding this, she chose to use the EQ7 software and designed a table topper using the embroidery pieces provided from the Hoop Sisters Feather Star pattern.  She was happy with what she had completed and even named it “Stars at my Table”.   The main challenge she found was getting the seams to match! Diana got the hang of it and it ended up going pretty smoothly. Diana found putting the sashing pieces on the back to hide the seams was a great way to do a quilting on the go method.
After being proud of her work she took a big risk and entered her Feathered Star Quilt into the Northwest Quilting Expo in Portland.   Diana earned herself 3rd place for her prize winning quilt!
Congratulations Diana.  We are so proud of your beautiful work!
 Kathy & the Staff at Snip and Stitch

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