A Century Old Art Returns – Wool Appliqué

Snip & Stitch is very excited to launch our new collection of specialized wools and products.
The wooly lady hand dyed baby fats are ripped wool that keeps the straight of the grain at the size of 6″x8″. What makes this wool so special? The small artisan dye studio personally dyes each piece of wool and starts with the finest quality of bleached white wool fabric. Starting with the bleached white wool enables the wooly lady to achieve clear, crisp bright colors. This 100% wool fabric is felted in the hand dyeing process. It is then boiled and rinsed through the washing machine and then dried in a cloths dryer. It has been pre shrunk and the cloth has a very soft beautiful hand with a tight weave. Each baby fat is 6″x8″ and retails for $3.00 each. You can have fun collecting all the colors!
This wool is not felt. Felt is a compressed fibre product created with wool, rayon and acrylic fibres and usually the felt is a combination.
The new book Fable Fusion has 10 folk art fusion projects by Michelle May. She creates these dimensional one of a kind wool appliqués with various methods.
This is an example of her dimensional flowers, these are very unique to Michelle’s folk art creativity. Wool felt is used with the help of a fusible stabilizer to give a very clean look.image[4]
Coming soon is “The Bertie’s Year Case lot ” of Maywood Flannels which includes 28 colors. These Maywood Woolies and Shadow Play Flannels work hand in hand with the “Bertie’s Year Appliqué Blocks” by Bonnie Sullivan. There is 12 charming projects and 1 little bird using wool appliqué technique that can be done by hand or by machine.
Check out the cool accessories to go along with the wool programs.

image[8]         image[9]
Upcoming Demo:
Julie is also offering a hand stitching for Wool Appliqué Demo Appliqué on Sat. jan. 25th 10-12pm
Happy sewing!


  1. Margo Piikkila says:

    I have seen and touched these woolies. They are darling and the colours fantastic. I can’t wait to work with them. Thank you Snip & Stitch!

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