The World of Fiber Art

One of our customers Rose Kolodrubsky shared her exploration into the world of Fiber Art with a piece she calls “Split Panorama.” Creating an exclusive work of art like this takes a combination of techniques; each one of these techniques requires a different skill set.


Rose started her creation with the help of her Husqvarna Ruby Embroidery Machine. You will notice that she has used hand embroidery skills, foil work, yarn couching and machine beading. Texture has been added to “Split Panorama” by means of freestanding lace, textured fabric, trapunto and needle felting. To finish off the Fiber art creation Rose used hand beading, thread painting and shell application.


Fiber art refers to creation fabric (and/or yarn) designs that favor aesthetics over functionality. The practice of fiber art gained notoriety following World War II, however, it was not widely recognized until the 1970’s when the women’s movement changed the notion of textiles belonging only within the domestic realm.

If you would like to explore Fiber arts, there are lots of fabulous books and magazines that are a wealth of knowledge.

We have lots of information to inspire you at the store, the following are our top picks!

image                                         pC1 Front Cover nocode.indd
Enhance your quilts Embellish! Terry touches on various techniques such as, hand embroidery, hand beading, texturing of fabric, thread painting, needle felting, trapunto and much more.


Thanks Rose for sharing your creativity with us all. Your workmanship is a true inspiration to us all!


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