Too Good Not To Share!


We are SO excited to be able to share this amazing new product with you! We are pleased to introduce the Edge 15 inch digital cutter by Artistic Creative products and presented by Janome. We will be launching this product at Creative Stitches Show in Victoria March 13-14th, Donna  will be demonstrating the new edge cutter and artistic software in the Janome/ Sawyers Sewing booth.


I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have spend HOURS, sometimes it feels like days, cutting! We all have that one project where it seemed there was no end to the cutting. When you think about cutting, you think about scissors, shears or rotary cutters, well once again, Janome has changed the way we quilt, or at least the way we cut! You no longer need to spend hours cutting out little pieces of fabric, there is a machine that can do it for you, in SECONDS! Just imagine enjoying a glass of wine, while all the cutting is done for you, think of the time you’d save, of the projects you could create, it really is limitless! The Edge uses technology similar to that of a laser printer, however instead of printing with ink it makes a series of cuts. This enables you to create very delicate pieces with precise cuts.


Sew4Home did an amazingly in depth review of the Edge, there are links and videos as well as a number of images to show you just how amazing the Edge really is!

You can learn more about the cutter and the FREE software (with 3500 designs!), Artistic Simple Cut, on the Artistic YouTube Channel. This is an amazing site with a wealth of knowledge and tutorials!

See more On Simple Cut

And check out this link to the Edge

Check out the Edge’s Artistic Brochure


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