Row By Row Update!


June 21st marked the launch of the Row by Row Experience, the longest day of the year, and record breaking heat! This heat wave has continued and along side the beautiful sunshine we have major water restrictions on the Island, as the lawns around us turn to brown we need to find new wao cool off with water. We might need to redefine how we think about water; it might have to be sewing this years WATER themed Row by Row from the comfort of you’re (hopefully air conditioned) sewing room


A special thanks to the Maple Leaf Quilters for coming by the shop

Shops participating in the Row by Row experience throughout BC have created some beautiful and unique representations of ‘water’. Even though you can only get the patterns by visiting the stores, you can check out what other shops are doing by clicking the Shop Listing!Attachment-1

The staff at Snip and Stitch have LOVED all the excitement surrounding the Row by Row and the precut fabric has been flying off the shelves, in fact they are out of Row by Row packages (YOU CAN STILL PICK UP THE PATTERNS) until next week. The creative lady’s at Snip and Stitch have also created a batik version of the pattern which can also be purchased in precut packages! You can also pre-order a precut block in either the Nothcott or the batik fabrics and the staff at Snip and Stitich will be happy  have them available for you to pick up!


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