The Art of Quilting With Solids

Though solid fabric colours have been a quilting staple since the beginning of quilting, a quilt made entirely of solid colours seems to pose a challenge to the modern quilter.  It can be very intimidating to create a quilt with little to no patterned fabric, however, the result can be amazing. By focusing on pure colour rather than pattern there is little room for distraction, therefore the colour becomes the catalyst of the artform.

At first quilters may feel disadvantaged by the seeming lack of selection, that some how they cannot create beautiful works using only solid colours, yet they are only limited by their own imaginations. It is important to remember that one colour is not limiting in and of itself; tone, value and hue all play intragle parts in creating depth, warmth and contrast. Choosing complimentary colours can really make your quilt stand out.  That being said it is probably best to start small, or at least start with only one colour and a neutral background (white, cream or gray depending on your colour choice). Start with a colour you love and play around making blocks with variations of that colour and a neutral base colour. Once you have a bunch of blocks you can mix and match easily because the uniform base colour and similar variations of an accent colour will form a beautiful monochromatic quilt.


A cool modern quilt by Julie Plotniko

Once you are feeling confident with one colour try complimentary colours, or two colours you really love together, think blue, yellow and gray or purple, green and cream. Again start small and build up. Traditional patterns can be given a modern update with solid colours, while more modern patterns seem to really “pop”with the eye catching solid colours. There are even patterns and books designed entirely around solid colours!


This is our Shop Hop quilt made by Cathy Martino , designed by Natasha from Cloth Castle in Victoria

Once you are confident with the use of solid colours you can take a deeper look at colour meanings and see if using colours with purpose changes the way you view your quilts;)


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