The Bernina

The website has so much to offer us as sewers; if you are already a Bernina owner it is a real must!

There is an abundance of great information on the website, so much so that at first, it may be a little overwhelming. It is My goal with this blog to give you some tips on how to use the website to your advantage and allow you to navigate with confidence. Make sure you click on all the links and let them inspire your creativity. 

The Experience section offers easy to use projects, tips and FREE downloads. The website is designed in a non threatening and easy to use formate, so that even the most novice computer user can feel like a pro as you scroll through the many options available. Some of our favourites are the sewing, quilting, embroidery, accessories, software, free downloads and the inspirational magazine. Behind each of these easy to click icons is an even more expanded information window  that I am sure will just open those creative juices. 

There is also a very cool magazine called Inspiration Magazine that shares so many cool ideas.

Or perhaps you were looking for a special accessory foot and wanted to know how to use it. It is simple, you can do it one of two ways. First simply find the picture of the foot you would like to learn about and click on the image. Second use the search icon on the accessory page to type in the foot in question and you will be linked with information regarding that foot and many also have informative videos.  

If you prefer hard copy, there is a Big Foot Book available that you can also purchase.
Part # BBPF, it sells for $143.00

Receive 20% off just for mentioning reading about it on our first Bernina Blog!

As you scroll through all the information take a close look at all the additional information available to you. If  you are new to software there are lots of e books in PDF’s that you can down load as a lesson. Or is there something special you would like to learn do a search through the experience tab and watch the tool tip videos.

I hope this has opened your imagination to some of the fabulous tool out there for us sewers, whether or not you are a Bernina owner; enjoy all the insparation.

Click  Newsletter and sign up. Lots of the newest tools and tips in the sewing industry will be at your fingertips. All you have to do is sign up. Subscribe to our enewsletters they are full of helpful tips, projects, free downloads, product information, promotions, or special offers about your creative hobby. It is easy to complete the information and get added to the subscriber list for the newsletter segments that you chose.

Check their Blog as well. It is called the “We all Sew” and it is filled with videos, projects and tips to help you create your next project, or even join the Quilt Alongs. 

With Spring cleaning in full swing, resent feature was “Do’s and Don’ts of cleaning Lint from your sewing machine” by Hans Herzoz. Lint in your sewing machine is the natural consequence after hours of time spent sewing. Cleaning and removing lint is a key item on your regular machine maintenance checklist. You might think that using compressed or canned air to remove lint is a quick and easy solution. But don’t reach for that can so fast, to read more

Happy Sewing and Embroidering
Kathy S



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