Row By Row Experience 2016

The summer solstice marks the beginning of the 2016 Row By Row Experience, this year’s theme is “Home Sweet Home”.  If you missed out last year, then now is the time to travel around Canada (or the US) and collect Row patterns to create your own beautiful quilt.  Check out the map link to see all of your possible travel destinations.  There is also an amazing website that has links to quilting shops all over the world, it is a sure fire way to inspire your creativity!

Snip and Stitch’s Row is called “Seaside Cottages” 

The pattern and cutting files can be found online.


Snip and Stitch also offers a bonus pillow bolster with your free pattern. 


Here is the collect able Snip and Stitch license plate.

Check out this link to see a list of stores, locations and a picture of their Row. 

The first person to bring in a finished quilt Row by Row quilt gets a prize….this year we had our first quilt complete in SIX days!!! 

Congratulations to Phillipa Zapf     


Be sure to mention this blog for these savings!


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