Exploring Pre-Cuts

Have you ever tried to guess how many types of pre-cuts there are in our industry? I am afraid even to try. Since now there are so many companies getting on the bandwagon and creating their own pre-cuts with their own special names.Pre-cuts have been with us for a few years now and all the fabric companies are trying to reinvent the wheel and coming up with new ideas all the time. We started with a “jellyroll” which contains 40, 2 ½”X 45”(approximately) strips and a “charm” 42, 5”X 5” squares. Moda Fabrics did a great job of launching these and backing them up by lots of projects, created by their various designers of fabric, that were specific to pre-cuts. This is a real advantage to the consumer because it gives a professional look and opens a lot of new creative doors.

Why Precuts:

In my research I found the answers were not surprising.

· Easier to use, more accurate,

· Less worrisome to deal with

· Gives a more professional look

· Creates a project faster

· Lots of fun colours and patterns to chose from

· Great for the beginner

· Works wonderfully in miniatures

· You can try a variety of fabrics from a collection

· Fabrics match

Have you tried any of the pre-cuts yet and what is your favourite? Did you know on the Moda web site they have a link to all their pre-cut charts and they are also on Pinterest as well?

Just check them out at the link  Moda

Here is a taste of what you might find.
You will always find when you have bought a pre-cut the actual measurement will be in imperial language not metric. This can be confusing sometimes for us Canadians but most of the goods we carry in the store come from the USA and most books, patterns and support material in this industry are written in the imperial language as well, good old inches.

Above is the ABC’s that Moda gives you as a guideline to their pre-cuts and most companies will do this.

Please note though Moda uses 45” as the width of the fabric. You will need to keep this in mind when combining different pre-cuts from different companies. This is not always the case so remember to double check measurements when working with different pre-cut designers.

  There are so many patterns, free projects and books on the market that challenge the everyday sewer when using pre-cuts.

One of the ones that we sell lots of in the store is:
There are lots of other books out there and we have some in the store but this book is packed with 64 different projects and uses a variety of different pre-cuts. It mostly concentrates on Fat Quarters, Charm Squares, Jelly Rolls and layer cakes

Some of the other terms in the quilting industry that you might want to look up on Pinterest or on YouTube are:

· Disappearing 9-patch quilt

· Jelly Roll race

· Disappearing 4-patch

· Layer cake friendly quilts

· Fat quarter quilting

Of course this is just a start, there are so many more!

A customer asked me once, do l have to buy the pre-cuts or could I cut my own? Well the answer is simple you can always pre-cut on your own, but for example if you use a Jelly Roll (which usually has 40 cuts) and bought the minimum required fabric you needed in all those prints it would cost you more than the Jelly Roll and we have not even included the time. It takes time to cut 40 strips, each strip needs to be accurately, so that they can fit together flawlessly in a multitude of differently ways.

I must admit, these days, YouTube has become my new best friend when it comes to learning new things in the sewing industry. You might want to check out these links just to name a few which have great ideas using pre-cuts.

The first of course is: The Missouri Star Quilt Company (click links above to view tutorials) Jenny has created an unbelievable following with her videos and tutorials. Here you will find the disappearing 9-patch and 4 patches and much… much more. The 3 dudes have a great Jelly Roll quilt 

You could also check out the SewVeryEasy channel with Laura Ann Coia, she also has lots of ideas using precuts and also demonstrates on her Bernina so is also showing many machine techniques as well.

Check out her latest video:

· How to Turn a Simple Quilt into Something Very Special

Make something very special with a unique product called Chenille-it. Just sew it on…give it a washing and a drying and “poof” you have Chenille. See how easy it is.


There are lots of other resources out there for you to check into in regards to working with quilting pre-cuts. We just got started, have fun. Share your ideas. Maybe we need to have a pre-cut challenge at Snip & Stitch Sewing Ctr.



Kathy Schroter



  1. Great post.

    I like and use both yardage and pre-cuts. I love the variety found in a package of pre-cuts.

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